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julio 1, 2011

Bandas y artistas como No Age, Crystal Antlers, Boom Bip y el multiinstrumentista Bobb Bruno (Best Coast), entre otros, forman parte de Beat L.A., un compilado que será lanzado el próximo 26 de julio vía Narnack/Greatminds.

Las canciones que integran el disco son covers de la escena musical punk y new wave de Los Ángeles de principios de los ’80. Los ingresos recaudados serán donados a la fundación Médicos sin Fronteras en Haití.

A continuación, un adelanto.

Crystal Antlers - I Slept In An Arcade (Black Randy & The Metrosquad cover)

Tracklist de Beat L.A.

01. Jarrett Silberman – I Hear Your Heart Singing (The Gun Club cover)
02. Rats – The Unheard Music (X cover)
03. Modern Memory – Brave Captain (fIREHOSE cover)
04. Brother Reade – Do You Want New Wave or Do You Want the Truth? (Minutemen cover)
05. Imaad Wasif – Go Insane (The Doors cover)
06. Bobb Bruno – Scratch Out the Sky (Distorted Pony cover)
07. Slang Chickens – Romeo’s Distress (Christian Death cover)
08. Nathaniel Eras – Gidget Goes to Hell (Suburban Lawns cover)
09. Boom Bip – Lost Weekend [ft. Buck 65] (Wall of Voodoo cover)
10. Microphonies – We Got the Beat (The Go-Gos cover)
11. Devon Williams – Yellow Pills (20/20 cover)
12. Josh Klinghoffer – Anymore (Thelonious Monster cover)
13. Crystal Antlers – I Slept in an Arcade (Black Randy & the Metrosquad cover)
14. No Age – Male Masturbation (The Urinals cover)
15. Geisha Girls – Dream Hits II (45 Grave cover)
16. Nonon – White Girl (X cover)
17. Signals – Richie Dagger’s Crime (The Germs cover)
18. Lords of Altamont – Knock Knock (The Humane Society cover)
19. Night Horse – Lie Beg Borrow and Steal (The Plimsouls cover)
20. Angus Khan – Rock Fight (Cheech & Chong cover)
21. Anglos – Days of Wine and Roses (Dream Syndicate cover)
22. Lucky Dragons – Alien Point of View (Nervous Gender cover)

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